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Move the Needle Forward


That feeling of emptiness surrounding your accomplishments. Those questions of, “What is my life purpose?” The struggling relationship. The transition from one chapter to the next. 


An experienced life coach and trusting partner may be the best solution for you. 

In this space, you are free to explore, examine and clarify what you want for your future. We design a plan with precise goals and timelines for you to reach each milestone. We address and overcome your fears with clear insight and action. 


Begin forging a path to self-discovery, and pave the way to a life you’ve been searching for.


Transform Your Life

It happens - being stuck in a situation that is not working anymore and visualizing one that aligns better with your desires and values. Coaching can help you turn stagnation into transformation.


Strengthen Your Influence

As a team leader, your decisions have a profound ripple effect. Coaching can help fine-tune leadership skills, communication and confidence so you operate like the leader you’ve always needed.


Enhance Your Team

Every adept team competes better with collegiality, respect and diversity. Coaching enhances interpersonal connection and helps teams deliver on the bottom line as an effective, cohesive unit.  



Hi, I’m Michael Ehrenberg.

I’m here to be your thinking partner, mentor and go-to resource for finding meaningful solutions to the biggest problems in your life. 


I’ll be your champion - a coach who is not only in your corner, but also with you on life’s track. I’m here to support your transformation and push you to the finish line. 


“Michael is driven, smart - and most importantly - he is compassionate. He not only helps guide you along your path, but he takes your arm and walks with you because he cares. He gives you that all-important gentle nudge when you need it, but you know it’s coming from a place of love and concern.”


Fran T. Broadcast, Copywriter

Reach Out

At some point, we are hungry for change, curious about what steps we are willing to do and what risks we are willing to take to improve our lives. Coaching is experiential, and I would love to navigate the journey with you. 


Fill out the form below. We’ll schedule a call and start a powerful conversation to explore the goals and desires that you have been thinking about.

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