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Michael Ehrenberg

Leadership & Life Coaching Professional

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Profile Snapshot:

  • Skilled as thougthful partner, mentor and your personal champion with powerful conversations and accountability as key tools for success

  • Plan and build customize coaching programs focused on identifying and acheiving goals

  • Former music industry executive with solid trusted relationships

  • Deep connection with high level artists and executives

  • Middle and C- suite leadership executives at Fortune 500 companies

  • Fluent Spanish speaker with experience around language and multi cultural spaces

  • My clients value my willingness to care deeply while challenging them directly

“Michael helped me strike more balance in my hectic work and personal life. He has a great way of getting me to focus on what really matters. He then pushes me in a non-confrontational manner to take ownership, establish and set my priorities. But, what I’ve found the most helpful is that he’s given me practical steps that I can apply on a real path to make things happen."


Adam, Investment Professional


“Focusing on what you really want in life is key. Michael guided me in each session to understand where I was, where I wanted to go and what steps I needed to take to get there. Michael encouraged me with tough love to attain my goal of stepping into my power. 


Mary, Artist & Entrepreneur

Reach Out

At some point, we are hungry for change, curious about what steps we are willing to do and what risks we are willing to take to improve our lives. Coaching is experiential, and I would love to navigate the journey with you. 


Fill out the form below. We’ll schedule a call and start a powerful conversation to explore the goals and desires that you have been thinking about.

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