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Group Coaching & Development

Empower your team to start dynamic conversations that help them become highly productive, motivated contributors. Navigate through frustrations, intolerance and dysfunction to move everyone forward personally and professionally. 

Team Development

  • Work better and smarter as one cohesive unit.


  • Encourage positive communication for an enjoyable workplace.


  • Embrace multicultural diversity, and make it an asset to accomplish group goals.

Leadership Development

  • Understand who you are as a leader so you operate more effectively.


  • Build trust with your team to become a cohesive unit.


  • See through huge projects that catapult your career.


"He is hilarious, which makes the walk along the path and the nudging, not only endearing, but fun.  He channels the love in the universe and makes me feel like it’s with me every step of the way."


Fran T. Broadcast, Copywriter

Coaching Facilitation

  • Identify pain points, obstacles and disconnect with stimulating conversions that spark critical thinking and creative solutions.


  • Break out of comfort zones to boost confidence and ambition.


  • Build strong ties within your team for greater social capital.

Public Speaking

  • Inspire your team to become game-changers in personal and professional life. 


  • Learn how to celebrate the inner critic and leverage its advantage.


  • Practice empathy for meaningful relationships that pave the way to success.

For 1-on-1 personal and executive coaching, click here.

Reach Out

At some point, we are hungry for change, curious about what steps we are willing to do and what risks we are willing to take to improve our lives. Coaching is experiential, and I would love to navigate the journey with you. 


Fill out the form below. We’ll schedule a call and start a powerful conversation to explore the goals and desires that you have been thinking about.

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