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1-on-1 Personal & Professional Coaching

Focus on powerful conversations to clarify what you want and how to get there. Commit to game-changing actions that get you closer to a happier, more meaningful life. Get on a call to see if my coaching is right for you.

Executive Coaching

  • Put your best self forward and know what next steps to take. 

  • Clarify your goals, successes and what’s missing in your life.

  • Find better work-life balance to nurture all areas of life.

Life Coaching

  • Define who you are and what’s important to you. 


  • Determine who you need to be to have the successful, fulfilling life you dream of.

  • Transform your inner self-critic into an asset for reaching your goals.

Relationship Coaching

  • Improve relationships you never thought could be different.


  • Redefine your connections so they serve both you and others.


  • Create meaningful relationships through “strong vulnerability” and authenticity.

  • Understand who you are as a leader so you operate more effectively.


  • Build trust with your team to become a cohesive unit.


  • See through huge projects that catapult your career.

Youth Coaching

  • Be acknowledged for your own uniqueness.


  • Stay open-minded to consider all opportunities and never miss out.


  • Understand where limitations lie and how to deal with them.

Group Coaching

For group coaching, team development and public speaking, click here.

Leadership Development


"Michael is a life coach in the most comprehensive sense of the word. He has supported me through decisions involving organization, goal-setting, boundary setting, financial prioritization and, and developing a vision for the life I know I can lead as well as a step-by-step path to reaching that life. What sets his coaching apart is his ability to discern and explain my patterns of behavior and thought that need to shift to make it possible for me to move forward. I trust Michael and am deeply grateful to have him as a life coach and adviser!"

Avery, Artist, Entreprenuer, Teacher

Reach Out

At some point, we are hungry for change, curious about what steps we are willing to do and what risks we are willing to take to improve our lives. Coaching is experiential, and I would love to navigate the journey with you. 


Fill out the form below. We’ll schedule a call and start a powerful conversation to explore the goals and desires that you have been thinking about.

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