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Hi, I'm Michael.

I started my career as a record promoter and marketing professional in the music industry. While working for big music labels and artists like John Mayer, Train, the Foo Fighters and David Gray, I quickly found myself collaborating with high-level and highly successful music executives.


I developed deep connections and trusting relationships with them, mainly because I asked great questions and had a passion for human interaction, bridge-building dialogue and empowering others. 


Over time, my client list expanded to include Walmart, Wells Fargo, Western Digital and International Paper. My work included conducting a corporate training series for team building, creative problem solving, time management and conflict resolution for middle- and C-suite leadership.


Coming full circle with my music roots, I worked with an organization that uses drum and rhythm as a non-conventional tool in a corporate environment. Then end result - to spark out-of-the-box thinking and create harmony and collaboration among teams and leaders - added to my understanding of a wide variety of leadership development ideas for building powerful corporate engagements.

Today, I work with clients of all ages and experience levels from varied backgrounds and industries. Most of my clients are already successful - and all have faced challenges in their personal and professional lives. As a fluent Spanish-speaking coach, I am able to work around language and multicultural barriers. 


My coaching style is that of a thinking partner, mentor and your personal champion - someone who cares deeply but challenges you directly. I hold you accountable and help you visualize the big picture. My approach embraces challenge as a path to change, and clients appreciate the perspective I offer. 


Together, you and I create a customized program that helps you discover and clarify your values and goals. We’ll build a step-by-step plan with effective, achievable actions that lead you to success, as you define it.


My clients are committed to making positive change in their lives. They are willing to have tough conversations because they know it will lead to personal growth and greater achievement. 


In our sessions, we build trust and an action plan towards a life you enjoy every single day. It’s your key to being proud of your journey, living in the moment and finding greater purpose on this planet. 

Let’s talk about where you want to go personally and professionally. Contact me to get started.

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