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My Story

When I started my coaching journey I had little knowledge of coaching. I did however possess an open heart,  what felt like an innate ability to connect and a mind that is ever curious when it comes to human interaction and dialogue.  Coupled with a creative and business oriented perspective, and an opportunity with a phone call, I arrived on the first steps of my journey.

I am a certified life coach, and a graduate from the globally recognized Coaches Training Institute (CTI). I am also a member of the ICF, working with the board members in the Los Angeles area.  I work with individuals and executive teams specializing in change management and leadership development. I help clients discover the true power within, stand in their power, kick past barriers, and reach their life goals.  Just one conversation is all that is needed for my passion, joy and humor to ignite your own.

My personal mission is to be as unreasonable as possible when going for the gusto in life, applying to career, relationships, financial goals or other areas of development. 

Recognized as a having a deep appreciation of people from many backgrounds and interests, I helped create San Francisco Street Coach where I collaborated with a team of coaches to introduce the power of coaching to the average person on the street, inspiring them to leverage coaching in their own lives.  

Michael has perfected the science of personal branding and helps his clients create careers that are simultaneously successful and meaningful.  Michael focuses on the creative voice that can enrich our life experience when we exploit it in several key areas. 

Michael has also worked in the music industry for over 20 years, working closely with many well-known artists such as John Mayer, Train and David Grey.

In addition to certification from CTI, I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from the Claremont colleges, and have continued my education through Northwestern’s School of Management in courses such as High Powered Collaboration, Leadership, Teamwork and Negotiation. I speak fluent Spanish and have served as a translator in Madrid, Spain.

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"I just want to thank you and express my appreciation for your coaching and the work we’ve done to strike more balance in my hectic work and personal life.  You have a great way of getting me to focus on what really matters to me and then pushing me in a non-confrontational manner to take ownership, establish, and then set my priorities.  But what I find the most helpful is that you’ve been able to give me practical ideas and steps that I can apply on a real path to making things happen."

Adam, Investment Professional

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“Focusing on what you really want in life is key. Michael guided me in each session to understand where I was, where I wanted to go, and what steps I needed to make to get there. Michael encouraged me with tough love to attain my goal of stepping into my power. 
Thank you Michael”

Mary, Artist/Entrepreneur

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